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Welcome to “You Think You Are Healthy” website. I chose this name about-vaughanbecause I was devastated two days ago when my wife called to inform me that our mechanic was found dead at his home by his wife. He died from an apparent heart attack . From all appearances and discussion, he looked healthy

Results That Baffled Health Practitioners

Ten year ago when one of my younger brothers died from blood clot related complications, the rest of his siblings (five boys and one girl) was advised to get tested for protein C deficiency. I told my family doctor I wanted to know also if I was susceptible to any other disease or illness that are hereditary related.

The appointment was made at Toronto General Hospital where they drew ten vials of blood to send to Harvard University because Harvard was the only institution in the world equipped with the facilities to perform heredity test. Additionally, the Ontario Government had to approve the money for the test which cost $5000 US.

When the results came back two months later, I did not have a protein C deficiency, neither was I susceptible to any disease – hereditary or otherwise, but at age 53 I was in optimum health.

The Toronto Hospital network wanted to study and analyze my system to determine what contributed to the exceptional state of my health. Needless to say, I refused. I was not prepared to be used as a “lab rat” and subject myself to any virus that would alter my state of health.

Contributing Factors

The state of my health has a direct relationship to what I eat, drink and how often I exercise. I truly believe that living a healthy lifestyle and being healthy do not come from chance.  It is a conscious decision made by the individual and s/he has to stick with that decision.

At the age of 13 years, I decided to be a vegetarian and 50 years later I am still one and going strong. I do not smoke, drink hard liquor and I exercise at least 5 days per week, every week – unless I am on vacation – since I was 16 years old. Besides going to my family doctor for my annual checkup, my doctor nor hospitals do not see me unless I strain a muscle and I feel like an impending heart attack.

healthy-eating-and -living

As I survey the world in which we live and observe the myriads of illness, disease and sicknesses plaguing the human race, I want to reach out to all my fellow human being and encourage us to adopt a health lifestyle by eating properly, exercising regularly and meditating often. The three go hand-in-hand. Ignore anyone or two of them and the third is affected.

You Are What You Eat

You probably have heard the saying “show me your friends and I will tell you-are-what-you-eatyou who you are”. The same could be said of this philosophical statement, “you are what you eat”, which has deep health implications. With all that is going on with food today – from GMO, to injecting animals with steroids and farm fishing, each of us must take our health very seriously.meat-on-menu

This website is dedicated to helping everyone who lands here to live a healthier, happier and fun-filled life. So, please, if there is something you read here and would like more information on, do not hesitate to request the information.  If you would like to read an article on a particular topic, let me know and I would develop the post.  Feel free to comment on anything you read or make suggestions for site improvement.

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