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In my previous post, I explained how I decided to be a healthy eater. I mentioned that I eliminated meat from my diet, did not smoke any cigarettes or drank alcoholic beverages. However, I did eat cheese and eggs in order to get my protein. In effect, I was a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. For many reading that post, you may have considered eating healthy but don’t know how to go about doing so. This post will suggest some counsel on living healthy.

Philosophy Of Health

To understand the philosophy of health, we must understand how our bodies are designed. And by designed, we mean the anatomy of our body and the foods we must consume to maintain it in optimum health. We cannot give you a lesson in biology here, however, we have to take responsibility for our health, and must do whatever it takes to learn everything we must learn to improve it. And, that includes research and gathering information on the anatomy and physiology of our body.

Additionally, we must understand that nature has certain laws of health and eating that cannot be violated if we want to be healthy. We have heard it said over and over again that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. And we also know that mental health is affecting a major portion of our population which has a direct impact on our health.

To this end, we can say with a certain degree of certainty that because of our indulgences of total disregard for preserving our health, many of us are getting sick and our child are born with deformed bodies, and never before heard of sicknesses and disease.

Physical Laws and Health

Many individuals do not believe that there is a direct link between the violation of physical laws and optimum health. But, if we look around us, we could find many examples of this. Consider smoking, for example, in the early 20th century, lung cancer was linked to smoking. As medical science improved, more health related sicknesses were linked to smoking. Cancer is a malady that infects the physical body, destroys the anatomy and makes us sick until we eventually die.

Therefore, if parents continue to violate the physical laws that govern our health, we develop diseases that are easily passed on to our children. If we survey children hospitals all over the world, these innocent infants are suffering in part because of the indulgence of their parents in violating the natural laws of health. Generations after generations will continue to decline in health and happiness if we continue to ignore the counsels on living healthy.

“The violation of physical laws, with its consequent suffering and premature death, has long prevailed that the results are regarded as the appointed lot of humanity” (Ellen G. White). Based on the preceding statement, we can infer that this process of killing ourselves could be reversed if we make a conscious effort to improve our health by following the natural laws which govern our existence.

Wrong Habits and Their Effects

When we practice wrong habits, they become a way of life. One small indiscretion the first time is referred to as a mistake, The second time it becomes a habit. Three and four times, it develops into a character and before you know it, it is a way of life.

“Habits which lower the standard of physical health, enfeeble mental and moral strength” (Ellen G. White). When we constantly indulge ourselves to unhealthy eating and drinking, sooner or later we pay the price for it with degraded health. We become physically weak and as a consequence our moral strength is affected, because our mental capacity is diminished and we can no longer distinguish between right and wrong.

The individual who religiously or constantly consumes trans fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar as part of their daily food consumption, runs the risk of developing serious medical problems, and hence, putting a strain on the health care system. Some of these medical problems include but not limited to weight gain which could lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Medical science has repeatedly shared the effects of these conditions on human being and counsels us on what could be done to scale back or slow down its effect and, therefore, live a life that is full of vigour and energy and worth living.

Return To First Principles

It was mentioned in another post that humans were not created to consume meat based on the structure of our teeth. It is the belief of a good deal of health practitioners that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains is best for us. And if that is the case, then, we should return to that fundamental first principle if we want to live a healthy life with very few or no complications as we grow old gracefully. For, if we cannot enjoy health, we cannot be happy, because the two are closely related and we cannot have one without the other.

Next, understanding how our bodies work is crucial to understanding how we should treat it. In many cases, we give in to the pleasures of appetite instead of eating and drinking from a position of principle. We eat and drink because it pleases our senses. We need to appreciate the fact that if we misuse and or abuse our bodies, we are shortening our very existence on this earth.

Some individuals will argue that we cannot return to the first principles of eating because of what is being done with our food. Vegetables and fruits and genetically modified, fish are farmed under unhealthy conditions; so what sense does it make. But, consider the alternative. Meat is susceptible to more bacteria and germs than fruits and vegetables. Animals are injected with steroids, chickens are fed round the clock for them to be ready for the market in a lot shorter time than if allowed to be free. Which is the lesser of the two evils?

The Simpler The Better

The simpler the foods we eat, the better it is for us. We should really try to eat foods that contain less meat and more grains and fruits. We should reduce or cut the amount of grease used in preparing our meals. We should stay away from fast foods. Cut back on those burgers and soft drinks, reduce the amount of sugar we consume and increase the quantity of water. The counsel for healthy living is that if we are intemperate in our eating and drinking, it will have an effect on our moods and those who associate with us will be victims of our mood swings.

When we prepare to eat food, we should limit rich and stimulating meals, because when we are accustomed to such meals, we cannot appreciate the simple ones. It is similar to the individual who is accustomed to drinking beverages with a high sugar content to consume those without. It would take time for the stomach to adjust. However, if we make a conceited effort to use wholesome foods, in time out system will find it palatable.

The Choice Is Yours

It is a fact that we are faced with a life that is potentially full of disease. And most illnesses that the human race suffers are in direct contravention and violation of natural laws that operate within us. It is humanly impossible to transgress those natural laws of health without paying the price in suffering sooner or later.

“Therefore, the first rule in maintaining good health consists of cooperating with natural laws and modifying any behaviour that counteracts the positive actions of these laws within us” (Rosicrucian manuscript, Liber 888). Our counsel on healthy living to everyone, myself included, is simply to maintain a balanced diet in which we do not abuse certain foods and beverages, exercise regularly and meditate when necessary to achieve good physical health. The choice is yours.

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